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When you've been collecting tools, parts, information, and equipment for over fifty years it's tough to make a list of it all. Suffice it to say that the collection is extensive. Because of this we've been able to tackle some challenging projects.
Servicing and testing governors, single plunger pumps, unit injectors and many of the other devices that run diesels and turbines requires some specialized equipment. Ever heard of an "atom-smasher?" No, it's not from Los Alamos Laboratory, it's a test bench for running big single plunger pumps for ship and powerplant engines. Ours handles pumps that deliver about a shot-glass of fuel per stroke. It gets its name from the rhythmic thumping it produces driving those units. Woodward governors, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and other unique designs all require special equipment found at East Coast Diesel Service. As we said, it's hard to make a list but you get the idea.

We acquired a machine shop to enable us a more flexible approach to meeting our customer's needs. Being able to salvage a part that would normally have to be replaced, make a fixture for less than the manufacturer charges, or make adapters to service products that were orphaned by their maker helps us to hold costs down and offer our customers options. As an example, the fixtures to attach the big orange Waukesha pump (pictured on this site) to that test bench didn't exist until we made them.

So whether your service need is a current, popular item, or something unique, contact us. Other fuel injection shops looking for old, unusual or obsolete parts should contact us too. After fifty plus years we've collected some interesting pieces.

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